Sex & Money: a global search for human worth

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Sex and Money : A global search for human worth, the book, the film, the movement.

Sex + Money: A Global Search for Human Worth



About the Book

Over the past year we (a team of random students from 8 nations) traveled through every inhabitable continent driven  by our love for photography and passion for justice.

Ethiopian girl Holding hands

At first our experiences seemed diverse, even random. However, as we continued to travel, we started to notice trends emerge.  In every nation that we visited (20 in total), there were painful stories of human suffering set against the backdrop of hunger, disease and loneliness.

But there was more.  We began to see an even uglier trend reveal itself in the places we went: human trafficking. We saw that the abuse of sex and money is a potent concoction.

It costs $0.50 to buy sex with an Ethiopian child.  In Thailand the going rate was $20.  In Amsterdam the price was $70.  In our world, children are bought and sold, women ravaged for pocket change. The innocent suffer.  Once born into poverty, escape seems impossible.

Upon returning to the United States we produced Sex + Money: A Global Search for Human Worth, a collection of photographs and stories from our trip. Some of the stories reveal the suffering and alienation that the poor experience, while the majority of stories explore the realities of human trafficking.

We invite you, the reader, to see the human face of suffering.  In every country we visited, in the midst of tragedy we observed remnants of strength, hope and dignity in the eyes of those that are neglected and abused.  Through our writing we intend to show how the abuse of sex and money drives the global trade in human beings.  We ultimately want to see human  trafficking eliminated in our world. Our desire is that at least 10,000 people around the world will respond to this publication and act. 
We see ourselves as part of the modern abolition movement.  There is no central control.  Individuals like us, and diverse organizations around the world, simply recognize that human trafficking is modern day slavery.  And we want to do something about it.

This book represents a step toward  that goal.  Human trafficking can be eradicated from our world if we act purposefully.

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